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Getting to Bungalows Key Largo By Seaplane

Take the scenic route with exclusive seaplane service from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Staniel Air, our official travel partner, takes you on a 40-minute picturesque flight over turquoise waters, giving you a bird’s eye look at coastal Florida in all its splendor.

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Contact Staniel Air at (954) 900-2739 to learn more

Who is Staniel Air?

Staniel Air is the official travel partner providing exclusive seaplane service to and from Bungalows Key Largo. Operating out of Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) they offer private charters to and from the resort.

What is a Seaplane and how/ when does it operate?

A seaplane is a private aircraft with the ability to take off and land on water. The seaplane can accommodate up to 8 guests to the resort per flight. Flights can be scheduled with Staniel Air directly for parties of 2 or more preferably. Any party wishing to fly exclusively can charter the plane for a private experience.

What is the duration of the flight and route information?

The flight to and from Bungalows Key Largo is approximately 35-40 minutes. The route is a picturesque flight over the turquoise water off the coast of Florida. Landmarks and scenery are in full view and cameras are permitted.

What does a guest do in the event of a travel delay?

Any guest who may not meet the allotted flight time should contact Staniel Air as soon as possible to reschedule or find an alternate means of getting to or from the resort.

Does the plane fly in inclement weather?

Depending on the severity of the storm, the pilots will determine if it's safe to travel. Minor showers or passing storms, common in Florida, generally do not cause issues with regularly scheduled service.

What does a guest do in the event of a cancellation due to inclement weather?

Cancellations do happen but are very rare. Staniel Air and Bungalows Key Largo will provide transportation to the resort in the event of a cancellation or extended delay. 

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