palm trees with lights in the night sky

Created on: 2022-12-05

Christmas Celebration in the Florida Keys

Holiday Celebrations in the Florida Keys Have you ever imagined spending Christmas under the Florida sun? Your senses would be overwhelmed with the sound of the palm trees swaying, the smell of the salty air, and the feel of an ice-cold cocktail in your hand. While the rest of the country is feeling the chill and bundling up to step …

Thanksgiving dinner table settings with food

Created on: 2022-11-22

Thanksgiving Celebration in the Florida Keys

Celebrate Thanksgiving in the Florida Keys For many throughout the United States, Thanksgiving Day comes with a side of snow boots, heavy winter coats, and fuzzy gloves. However, in the Florida Keys, this holiday brings an entirely different experience – especially if you find yourself at an all-inclusive, adult resort like Bungalows Key Largo. Say, how do sunshine and a …

Halloween on the beach in Florida Keys

Created on: 2022-10-20

Halloween Celebration in the Florida Keys

Celebrate Halloween in the Florida Keys As we get deeper into the fall season, Halloween is right around the corner. For some, it is about ghosts, goblins, and little kids in costumes screaming “trick or treat,” throughout the neighborhood. For those at Bungalows Key Largo, however, Halloween is much different.  There is no gore, no screams, and no kids. This …