Created on: 2022-10-04

Discover the 6 Best Things to Do at Bungalows Key Largo

Sometimes getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life is all that is needed to rekindle a relationship and grow closer together. And sometimes engaging in activities together is the icing on the cake. At Bungalows Key Largo, we’ve got a long list of activities for you and your significant other to enjoy. You can feel confident that you will find something you both will relish. 

Let’s take a look at the 6 best activities to do during your stay at Bungalows Key Largo. 

  1. Water Sports

There’s a pretty good chance that when you think of the Florida Keys, you think of a tropical paradise – and the ocean. So it is only natural that you will want to dive in – well, maybe not literally. But if you are wanting to make the most of your stay here and enjoy all that these blissful surroundings have to offer, then check out the watersports

The resort property here at Bungalows Key Largo consists of 1,000 feet of waterfront shoreline. And although you can stare out in the bay every day, why not get out in it and explore? Choose kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding to spot sea life like dolphins and manatees in the serene surroundings. Swimming in the pool is, of course, another option for you.

  1. Diving

If you are interested in getting out in the water, rather than on the water, you may be in for a treat. Diving allows you to see all the beauty stored deep within the salty waters. We have the 3rd largest reef system here and are known to be a world-famous diving destination. Day or night, you can set out to explore. Perhaps the best part is you need no experience! While visiting Bungalows Key Largo, you can take an introductory diving course. 

If snorkeling is more your speed, that is available to you, too. 

  1. Fishing

Because everyone has a preference, we have inshore reef fishing and offshore reef fishing. Both give you time out on the water and the thrill of what your next big catch may be. Grouper? Snapper? King mackerel? Marlin? Sailfish? Mahi Mahi? 

Whether you prefer to stick close to shore or want to head out into the unending blue waters in search of something big, you are sure to enjoy the adventure. 

  1. Swim With Dolphins

If you are looking for the activity that you will most definitely remember for the rest of your life, this is it. You will get to meet and connect with the dolphins at Dolphins Plus MMR – just a few short minutes from the resort. 

This non-profit will teach you about dolphins and connect you with a trainer. You will then get to have a unique and personalized experience with the dolphins. Consider this a must-do while visiting Bungalows Key Largo. 

  1. Sunset Cruise

After a long day of being out on the water, having cocktails (or mocktails), and laughing with your partner – why not end the day with a sunset cruise? Consider it a kiss to end a beautiful day. This cruise sets sail in a roomy catamaran and you will be able to nibble on a chef-prepared charcuterie and sip on your favorite beverage as you watch the bright oranges, pinks, and yellows of the Florida sunset disappear into the horizon. 

  1. Yoga Classes and Spa Treatments

When you are heading out to an adults-only, all-inclusive resort, there may be a lot of action going on – dining, entertainment, exploring Key Largo, etc. But you want to make sure you slow it down a notch sometimes. Remember, you are here to spend quality time together – and unwind from life’s hectic ways. Take advantage of daily group yoga classes amidst the ocean waves on our Tranquility Beach. And be sure to take advantage of our Zen Garden Spa and all the treatments we have to offer –  including outdoor waterfront treatment. 

Activities at Bungalows Key Largo

We make it our mission to provide our guests with everything they need to have an unforgettable stay at Bungalows Key Largo. So, we provide the best activities at our resort and have found the best of the best in the surrounding area so that you always have an amazing experience. 

Whether it is heading out on an adventure or keeping things peaceful with a sunset cruise on the water, there is no shortage of activities here. 

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