sailboat on the ocean at sunset

Created on: 2022-02-04

Best Places to Enjoy a Key Largo Sunset

Whether you are heading down to Key Largo for a week-long vacation or a whirlwind weekend getaway, you are sure to find some amazing adventures and unforgettable romantic moments. Let’s just say that the beautiful ocean views and the smell of salt in the air should be enough to make Key Largo the hotspot for lovebirds looking for a quiet escape. Then again, it could be the couple’s massages, early morning Yoga, and serenity found in an afternoon snorkeling session. 

The truth is – it is something else entirely. There are few things more romantic than spending a few minutes embracing the love of your life while watching the sunset over the ocean. It’s beautiful rays of color creating majestic paintings in the sky. 

Ready to take it all in? Let’s talk about the best place to see the Key Largo sunset. 


Sunsets in the Keys

The Florida Keys – including Key Largo – are an archipelago. This group of islands has the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern side and the Florida Bay to the west. So, naturally, you understand that you can easily watch the sunset from just about anywhere while here. But, just because you can buy fake flowers that last a long time doesn’t mean they can compare to the beauty and smell and vibrancy of real flowers, right? In other words – you can watch the sunset anywhere you want or you can watch the sunset from the best place in Key Largo. It’s all in what you are looking to get from the experience. 


The Best Place for the Key Largo Sunset

Some people may tell you that the best place to witness a Key Largo sunset is at restaurants throughout the area. Others will tell you certain resorts or hotels are privy to the greatest views. However, the only place you can have an absolute unforgettable sunset experience is on a sunset cruise. 

These cruises head out into the water of Florida Bay for about an hour and a half so you can enjoy the experience. It’s a leisurely boat ride with your choice of beer, wine, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres. You get a little sun to appreciate the cruise and then you get the peace that comes with watching the sunset over the horizon before a peaceful night takes over. 

Close your eyes for a moment and try to imagine it. You, your loved one, and a boat in the middle of the water with nothing obstructing your view of the most perfect sunset ever. You cannot get much more romantic than that. 

What are you waiting for? 


Don’t Miss the Key Largo Sunset

If you haven’t added the Key Largo sunset to your bucket list, do it now. Experiencing this natural beauty on board a sunset cruise is one of the most romantic experiences you can have with your other half. Book yourself a stay today at Bungalows Key Largo.

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