Created on: 2023-06-12

How to Dress For Your Resort Spa Experience


Getting away from daily life for a bit can be rejuvenating and refreshing. Heading down to the warm sunshine found in Key Largo is even better. The only thing that can top off the experience is time spent treating yourself at the resort’s spa. 

Except for one thing. 

How in the world do you dress for a resort spa experience? 

No matter how unforgettable the idea is, not knowing what to expect at the spa can be a bit overwhelming. Truth is, there isn’t a right way or a wrong way to show up for your treatment. The idea is to just show up and be comfortable. But, here are a few ways you can prepare for your resort spa experience so that you may get the most out of it. 

What to Wear for Your Resort Spa Experience

When deciding what to wear to your resort spa, you want something that brings you comfort while remaining practical  This includes things like: 

  • Yoga pants
  • Sweat pants
  • Lounge pants
  • Maxi dress
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies

Of course, sometimes knowing what you should wear just isn’t enough. So, let’s talk about what you should not be wearing for your resort spa experience. 

  • Jewelry
  • Tight-fitting or uncomfortable clothes
  • Jeans

And, since we are on the topic, you don’t need to bring your robe and slippers as the spa will provide these things for you. What you wear underneath that robe, though, is up to you – and highly dependent on what type of spa treatment you are seeking. 

Many spa-goers wear their underwear under their robe for massages and such and that is perfectly acceptable. Again, just make sure you are comfortable. 

You can always reach out to the spa ahead of your appointment to discuss what you should or should not wear based on the services you are getting. 

The Value of a Resort Spa Experience

Are you on the fence about booking a spa experience? It is time to leap. Investing in a spa experience is investing in yourself. And when you and your significant other are away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is the perfect time to indulge all of your senses at the spa. 

You will enjoy a few of the many benefits, including: 

  • Relieving stress 
  • Experiencing pure relaxation
  • Detoxing your body, ridding it of all the unhealthy substances
  • Getting a spa treatment with your lover is bonding time

Feel refreshed and revived as you explore everything else that the resort and the local area has to offer. 

Visit the Spa at Bungalows Key Largo

Visiting Bungalows Key Largo on its own is an enjoyable, rejuvenating experience. However, you can elevate your stay when you spend some time at our spa. 

Just steps away from the Zen Garden and the bayside waterfront, you will be surrounded by serenity as you enjoy: 

  • Massages
  • Body treatments
  • Facials
  • Himalayan salt room
  • Eucalyptus steam room
  • Private fitness instruction 
  • Yoga 

If you would like to learn more about our all-inclusive, adults-only resort – or our spa – contact us today at (866) 801-0195. Or, if you are ready, go ahead and book onlineKnow someone who could use a spa getaway? Bungalows Key Largo gift cards are the ultimate gift of self-care.