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Key Largo Elopements

At Bungalows Key Largo we specialize in intimate elopements by providing  the perfect backdrop for your island love story. Picture yourself exchanging vows on a white sand beach as the sunset lights up the Florida Bay followed by a romantic champagne toast. On your wedding night, you will find rose petals and more champagne waiting for you in your room. At Bungalows, you’ll find relaxed romance and memories just waiting to be made.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Bungalows, we understand that you are ready for a romantic elopement, but you probably have a few questions. After all, this is a time in your life that you will remember for the rest of your life, so it has to be nothing short of perfect. 

Below you will find a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you are looking for or have additional questions, please contact us at (866) 801-0195. We want to help you make the romantic elopement in your dreams become a reality. 

How do we obtain our marriage license in Florida? 

If you currently reside in Florida, you can get your marriage license at any county courthouse throughout the state. You will have two choices. 

  • You can obtain your marriage license on the same day, but it will require a 3-day waiting period before you can legally get married. 
  • Or, you can obtain your marriage license and get married on the same day if you first complete a 4-hour premarital course. 

Once you obtain your marriage license, bring it with you to Bungalows for your elopement. Please note that you will need your government-issued photo ID and a valid social security number. 

Are we able to elope in Florida if we live in another state? 

Yes! You absolutely can elope in Florida regardless of what state you reside in. Out-of-state residents can apply for a marriage license in Florida without a waiting period – and without the need to take the 4-hour premarital course. You can get married on the same day you receive your license. 

What do we need to bring with us? 

When you book your elopement at Bungalows, all you need to bring is yourselves! Well, yourselves and any personal belongings, and your marriage license. Pack as if you were going on any normal getaway – including any special outfit or personal touches, you’d like to bring for the ceremony. And, we will take care of the rest. 

When is the best time to elope at Bungalows Key Largo?

Every day! The weather is always perfect. The views are always breathtaking. There is no bad time to visit Bungalows Key Largo. So, when you are ready to elope, you will find us waiting for you here any day of the year. 

What is the best way to get to Key Largo? 

If you are ready to head to Bungalows for your elopement, you have to know how to get here! The closest airport to Key Largo is Miami International Airport (MIA) – and it is about a one-hour drive from the resort. 

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and Key West (EYW), but note that your drive will be longer from either of these airports.

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