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Created on: 2024-02-28


What Personal Items Can You Bring Kayaking?


Experience the best of Key Largo by immersing yourself in its aquatic wonders, and our full-service watersports tiki hut is here to make it effortlessly enjoyable. Included in your stay are kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and snorkel gear. Nestled along the tranquil and protected bay, The Bungalows provide direct access to a serene environment, inviting you to explore just steps from your doorstep. Whether you choose a single or double kayak, paddle along the picturesque Florida shoreline and encounter manatees, dolphins, and many native birds.

Delve into the vibrant underwater world of the Florida Keys, renowned for its world-famous and incredibly biodiverse reef. We provide snorkel gear so that you can embark on your exploration. Watch for the mesmerising array of native fish, including the vivid blue tang and majestic queen angelfish. Revel in the freedom to discover the marine treasures surrounding The Bungalows and make your Key Largo stay an aquatic adventure to remember.

What Should YOU Bring?

How far do you plan on kayaking? Should you be on the water for hours, consider bringing small snacks and water for the trip. Kayaking demands a lot from your body, especially if working against any current or tide. Only risk getting stuck with enough energy to get back!

Bring a cell phone. Cell service exists for a few miles into the water, so you will be fine calling for help if something happens or you stray too far, no matter where you wander. Just be sure your phone can handle getting wet, has a full charge, or you have a waterproof case for it. Bonus? You can take beautiful pictures of wildlife, scenery, and your adventures to review for years to come!

Ensuring your safety while kayaking is paramount, regardless of your chosen location. Even in the tranquil waters of Key Largo, where serenity abounds, the occasional motorboat activity can create unexpected waves that pose challenges, even for seasoned kayakers. Wearing a life-saving vest or jacket is a non-negotiable precautionary measure. In unforeseen circumstances, this buoyancy device can be the critical difference between life and peril. Why take unnecessary risks during your Keys adventure?

Specifically designed for physical activities like kayaking, specific vests are more suitable for wear on the water. Whether you inquire about available vests at the launch area or bring your own, prioritizing safety through these essential flotation devices is a responsible choice. Embracing this precaution ensures you can fully enjoy the beauty of your kayaking experience in Key Largo while minimizing potential risks and enhancing overall peace of mind.

Suggested Stops

Dusenbury Creek, a premier kayaking destination, is accessible from Florida Bay Outfitters, which provides rentals and guided eco-tours. Launch your kayak for a fee and navigate the scenic mangrove tunnel, avoiding motorboats for an enriching experience. The creek features superb mangrove canopies and abundant wildlife, including manatees and dolphins. Plan your journey wisely due to its length.

Explore John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park’s clear waters and mangrove tunnels for more kayaking adventures. Everglades National Park nearby offers a serene, wildlife-rich kayaking experience away from crowds and motorboats, making it an ideal nature retreat in Key Largo.

Come Back for Serene Rest and Relaxation

Indulge in post-kayaking bliss at the luxurious, all-inclusive Florida Keys Bungalows in Key Largo. Recognized by Travel + Leisure among the “16 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in the USA,” our intimate tropical retreat offers rejuvenation without a passport. Enjoy boundless adventures on and off pristine waters, wellness programs, and the laid-back local atmosphere. Immerse yourself in unparalleled surroundings with exotic flowers and sea breezes.

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